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The Wisdom of Not Knowing

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“Estelle Frankel's Oral History” interview by Nina Pick for the Yiddish Book Center’s “Wexler Oral History Project”.
Wexler Oral History Project Interview

“Embracing Uncertainty”. In converation with Elise Loehnen - Sacred Therapy & The Wisdom of Not Knowing.
Elise Loehnen Podcast "Pulling the Thread"

“In Search of Wisdom”. An Interview w/Joshua Bertolotti on The Wisdom of Not Knowing.
Joshua Bertolotti Podcast

“The Wisdom of Not Knowing: Spiritual Wisdom for these Uncertain Times”. A 1-hr podcast w/Janet Conner on “Praying at the Speed of Love”.
Janet Conner Podcast

Interview from “Inside Personal Growth”.
iTunes podcast
Inside Personal Growth podcast

“Embracing the Unknown” w/Dr. Laura Trajillo.
“The Yoga Hour”

A free interview w/Estelle is available at:
“Inner Truth w/ David Newell”

Conscious Talk Radio - the Interview with Brenda Michael & Rob Spears available for download at:
“The Conscious Talk Radio Interview”

The Soul Directed Life - the Janet Conner interview with Estelle is available for download at:
“The Soul Directed Life Interview”

New Spirit Journal:  
The New Spirit Journal interview

New Dimensions Radio - this hour long radio interview with Estelle is available for download at:
“Learning to live with Uncertainty”

New Dimensions Radio - a free ten minute interview with Estelle is available at:
“Awakening Each Moment Through Questioning”

A free copy of Estelle’s interview with Travis Taylor is available at:
The Divine Insight Show (Apple iTunes)

Estelle on the radio w/ Robert Schmidt and Stuart Goodnick:
“The Mystical Positivist” Show



Passover and the Wisdom of Not Knowing
Estelle’s talk at Congregation Beth Jacob, Redwood City, Ca. 03-12-2023
(Video starts at the 16 1/4 minute mark, when the talk begins)

“Befriending the Unknown and Embracing Uncertainty”
Estelle’s talk at The Open Faith Salon 03-5-17 Chochmat HaLev
(filmed by Rudi Halbright)

Listen to the teaching on YouTube:
Open Faith Talk

Listen to an excerpt from the teaching on YouTube:
Open Faith Talk Excerpt

Sacred Therapy

Live Teachings

Kabbalah as Sacred Psychology
A 2-hour course on Jewish healing taught by Estelle. Available for purchase through Chochmat Halev’s Jewish Healing Program.

Listen to two excerpts from the teaching:
“Mystical Teachings on Hanukah“ (Track 05 - mp3, 10.2mb)
“Rebbe Nachman of Breslov on Healing Vision“ (Track 06 - mp3, 7.19mb)

Estelle Frankel’s Rosh Hashana sermon at Chochmat Halev, 2015 (5775)
Listen to the live teaching:
“Rosh Hashana 2015“ (mp3, 28.1mb)



Women’s 7th Night Passover Celebration at Chochmat Halev w/ Estelle Frankel

Listen the teaching on YouTube:


CD Recordings

Chanukah CD by Estelle Frankel and Cantor Richard KaplanThe Kabbalah of Chanukah: Tales, Teachings, and Sacred Music for the Festival of Light
– w/Cantor Richard Kaplan and Estelle Frankel

“... With support from KPFA’s Susan Stone, producer Russ Jennings has arranged a new invitation to an old natural mystic. I know my Chanukah data pretty well, but Estelle Frankel’s evocative narrative, like letting you in on a delicious secret, is an order of magnitude up the ladder, from mind to spirit....And Cantor Richard Kaplan is something beyond easy categorization.... This is music to leap cultures...‘ The Kabbalah of Chanukah’ empowers man’s best hopes. And it feels good...” review by Geo Beach

This CDs is now available at

Listen for free here (mp3, 51.2mb).

High Holiday CD with Estelle Frankel and Cantor Richard Kaplan The Jewish New Year: Music & Inspirational Teachings from the Kabbalah
– with Estelle Frankel & Cantor Richard Kaplan

An hour-long program on the High Holidays. This CD was originally produced as a special holiday program for KPFA radio, by Russ Jennings at Common Soul Productions.

This CDs is now available at

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