Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction involves the art of listening to and discerning the presence of the divine in one’s life. This work involves helping people deepen in their spiritual practice and attune to the divine realm and divine call. It involves accompanying people through difficult and challenging times in their life and helping them learn the art of “holy listening,” of perceiving God’s voice within their lives and hearts.

While Estelle is deeply immersed in Jewish and Buddhist spiritual practice, she works with people from all faith traditions to help them deepen in their own spiritual pathway and practice. She is an experienced and skillful spiritual companion who know how to listen and ask the kinds of questions that spur spiritual growth and development.

Estelle was privately mentored and ordained by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi in the art of Jewish Spiritual Direction and has been a practicing mashpiah-maggidah since 2001.

Hamsa spiritual hand


 A good deal of what goes on in spiritual healing is that our notion of who we think we are begins to expand. in a sense we are given new eyes, the ability to see ourselves from God’s perspective…from the vantage point of the infinite. Though we may be able to hold that expanded vision of ourselves only for brief moments at a time, even so, it can have a profound effect on our identity. Instead of being overly identified with our problems and pathologies, we can also begin to appreciate our perfection and purpose. Instead of feeling isolated and alone in our pain, we can begin to experience ourselves as part of a larger whole in which our individual stories and lives reflect the larger story of which all people are a part.  — Sacred Therapy


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