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Estelle FrankelEstelle is a seasoned teacher of Jewish mysticism, meditation and spirituality. As a young adult she lived in Israel for eight years where she was exposed to the wisdom teachings of Kabbalah and Hassidism. Upon graduating from Machon Gold and the Michlalah College for Jewish Studies in Jerusalem she went on to teach at several women’s Yeshivas in Israel and in the U.S. before going on to study psychology and become a practicing therapist.

Estelle teaches courses in Jewish studies that blend Kabbalah and Musar with insights from the field of psychoanalysis and positive psychology. She is currently on the teaching faculty of Lehrhaus Judaica and Chochmat HaLev: Wisdom of the Heart Meditation Center in Berkeley, Ca. Estelle leads a monthly contemplative Shabbat gathering at Chochmat HaLev that meets on the fourth Friday of each month and organizes the Open Faith Salon at Chochmat, a quarterly program focused on interfaith dialogue and ecumenical studies. Estelle has taught and lectured at numerous academic and religious institutions throughout the U.S. including: Starr King School of Religion at GTU, Sophia Center at Holy Names College, Sophia University (formally Institute for Transpersonal Psychology), Cape Cod Institute, the New York Open Center, American Jewish University, AJR (Academy of Jewish religion) and Naropa University (Oakland, Ca.). She has been a speaker and scholar-in-residence at numerous synagogues and churches across the U.S. and Israel.

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 Kabbalah teaches that divinity, the human soul, and the Torah are each comprised of known and unknown dimensions...Wisdom, for the mystic, always involves a synergy of knowing and not knowing, discovery and mystery, action and stillness, words and silence  — Wisdom of Not Knowing


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